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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Blogs (A.K.A. Web Logs)

What is a blog? (verb and noun)

Weblogs in Education Video, from Will Richardson (time: 2:28)

What I do with blogs in the classroom:

What can YOU do with blogs? The Possibilities Are Limitless

Explore Classroom Blogs (time 5 min)

Explore Teacher Blogs (time 5 min)

Your Turn To Jump In (time: 20 min)

  1. You've got mail!
  2. Join the Rip Mix Learn Playground Blog
  3. Write your first post by replying to the Blog Prompt
  4. If you run into trouble or need help, read Bloggers 'R 'Us (written by a student in one of my classes)
  5. Have fun! -- ;-)

Something to take home with you ...
    In case you forget how to set up your own account and write your first post at Blogger you can watch this video. ;-)


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